Saturday, 11 January 2014

Our Top Five

Happy new year our dear readers and welcome to 2014!  

Nearly first two weeks crossing the new year, you realize how time flies.  
2013 went in a brisk and for us at SingExperience it passed as a celebrated year.  Over here we do not merely put retail experiences.   Our business is in the passion of creating.  Creating unique experiences so you enjoy a fabulous treat either for your self or with a cherished one.

In 2013, the gift experiences we created were several, but nothing surpassed seeing our clients enjoy, having fun, being happy, celebrated, or surprised.  Gift experience - we mean the experience is a gift by itself.  We simply create and let the gift manifest itself through the experiences.  

Be a rock star! Recording a song in a professional studio.

Helen Keller aptly said "life is either a daring adventure or nothing".  So we saw the rise of sea-lovers, culinary goddess, rock stars, golf enthusiasts and speed devils.  Our Facebook page reached 7,000 hits as well and counting (more than we expected).  We are thrilled - we picked you chose.  Here are our five top notch gift experiences of 2013 (at random order).
Speed devils pitting engines of Ferrari or Lamborghini.
Putting in pristine golf courses played by legends.
Chocolate making with a chocolatier.
Nothing comes close to this - chocolate making experience.  Sublime and divine.

Cruising to Lazarus, only four hours yet the best four! 
For the social, sun and sea seekers, who demanded a change in atmosphere, this was the ultimate - to succumb to the sails enjoying tipples and BBQ at Lazarus Island.

Our team never sleeps because we are constantly plugged in the vibes of Singapore.  Otherwise, our brains are in the mill thinking of the next NEW thing.  Either way you can expect more exciting experiences, adventures and blogs coming up this year.  So stay click to us!
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