Thursday, 5 June 2014

Give Dad EMOTIONS This Father's Day

A dad will have many roles to juggle but he will finish first and foremost as a Father.  We are not going to write you another Father's Day story.  We spare the details and shoot straight to the heart, just like dads do.  

The date is set, 21st June.  Have you planned for Father’s Day?  For your One-and-Only, there are many ways to celebrate.  Like you, your dad evolves over time with age.  May be dream he may have postponed due to having a job and raising a family.  There is an experience related to his passion, something he wanted to do, discover, or improve, an experience that creates a strong emotion.

Because an emotion is the best gift you can give him.

SingExperience proposes over 50 experiences to choose from. Based on previous years, we can recommend the following:

-       Drive a Super Car  on F1 circuit.  Our best-seller Father’s day gift in 2013, why? Name a man who does not dream of driving a Ferrari or Lambo… this is a Guaranteed success!

-       Golf coaching was the 2nd most popular gift in 2013. One client told us that his father was so happy to have fixed his Faulty Putting Stroke (thanks to his Gift), something he tried to correct by himself for years. For the sharp-shooting dad or a Golfer, you imagine the satisfaction that followed!

      Premium grapevines in a glass - a desired gift for the elegant dad.  This gift in 2013 was our “Great Wines of Bordeaux selection”, with domains that will make any wine connoisseur's dream. Five rare wines in an exclusive gift box.

You can do more in 2014.  We have just added some NEW fantastic experiences for Fathers…

-       Indoor Skydiving in the World’s largest indoor skydiving tunnel! Great gift for an adventurous dad who always has time for a fun and good laugh.
 Cycle in a 'City' for the most sporty father our hot new cycling experience in a athletic studio in the heart of the CBD! Safe, easy to arrange, and a lot of fun!
We have a gift experience for other dads - the foodie dad (cooking or dining), artistic dad (jamming in a studio, photography), social dad (BBQ, boating to Lazarus).  Dad would be a wonderful combination of all these - so give dad EMOTIONS this Father's Day.  In 2014, make it different!

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Monday, 14 April 2014

Our New Escape from Reality

Stop press!  Imagine breaking from prison but not before you fight your inmates, uncode Da Vinci code, escape horrors in a spooked town, play Sherlock Holmes or encounter whimsical characters in mysterious castle.  But here's the catch, you have only 45 minutes.  SingExperience brings you the latest fun in town, the escape room!

Prison break
Thrill seekers, there is now an alternative entertainment to relieve stress in Singapore.  Enter into a locked room, solve mysteries, unlock puzzles, gather clues to find the escape key.  Best part of it is you race against time - 45 minutes to escape.
From various themes can choose a room with an scenario from like Da Vinci code, spooky town, action pack, Alice in Wonderland.  Its escaping from reality and immersing into fun and thrilling entertainment.
You need to be a group of 3-6 to enjoy this fun.  Once you enter the room, you will be locked with a story line to start with.  The group is them left on its own to resolve the puzzles.  Usually you will have 6-8 clues to break and they run in sequence.  And the clues are not obvious or straight forward as you think. At times you need to look for the clue in the room, under the table, boxes.  Sometimes its about cracking a code with your group.  At desperate times group becomes confused or lost.  You will have a buzzer in the room where someone comes in to help you and leaves you to continue your escape.  You will have several gadgets, boards, signs and props to enhance the plot, or should we hint, confuse you!
The escape experience is interactive and guaranteed for mystery lovers!
Its great for all ages from kids to 99 and found to be super fun for a gang to hang.  It can be family, friends, biddies or team building.

The champs

Thousands have tried and call us for more.  Once bitten by the mystery bug, there is no way back.

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Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Cook in Fun Culinary Studios with Professional Chefs

The World Gourmet Summit (WGS) kick-offs in Singapore 26 March - 5 April celebrating highly acclaimed chefs showcasing exquisite craftsmanship in the finest restaurants in town.  Gastronomy takes the spot light in April.
Many of you would have booked your exclusive seats to this annual culinary journey in savoring haute cuisine, exploring new palates, and be-witched by stunning artistic creation.   There is so much one can splurge and enjoy the art of eating.  But nothing is sweeter for he who seeks his adventure in his own kitchen and leaves his mark on his plate.
An au jardin in a plate - garden salad with fruits and feta cheese
Professional chef in action

In our time-starved city, daily demands, fast paced lifestyle, the obvious is eating out or tapau (take away in Hokkien).  There are a zillion food choices here and eating is 24/7.  There must be a moment you must thought "I wish I could cook!"

Ever wondered where? or how to start?  Our answer - fun culinary studios with professional chefs.  To save you time and hassle, we have a selective studios with exciting offerings at SingExperience.

Whether your palate is Asian, Western or fusion, whether its baking, patisserie or even molecular, we have something for you.  
The class is by professional chef who will share knowledge and techniques with you.  And there are materials like menus, apron and even your cooked dish to bring home. 

Sushi rice making

For example, the humble sushi looks simples but its takes practice and patience to learn the art of slicing the fish or making the sweet wine rice.  The chef will walk you through these steps.

Haute cuisine is all about techniques - cooking high-quality food using same methods of traditional French cuisine.  Discover sauté, blanche, glaze, brule, flambé, bain-marie, the classic methods that whip up delicious yet visually stunning food which anyone appreciates.

Light and airy mille-feuille 
Experience exotic tastes of Asia like Chinese, Thai, Indian, Malay and local cuisines and techniques of steaming, clipping and stir frying. You can sign up for your everyday fare like laksa, Pad Thai, dumplings, and desserts.  Kuih tat nanas (festive pineapple tart) and famous durian puffs.  Sure fire way to impress your spouse, kids and friends.

Yum! Kuih tat (pineapple tart)

What kind of person will possibly hate chocolate?  We did a 4-hour chocolate making session with a chocolatier and discovered it takes humility and tons of courage to learn chocolate making.  It takes years and in our chocolatier's case, decades of dabbling with chocolates.  This deep alluring ingredient looks easy but extremely complex and fragile.  Personally, the prima donna which will be nothing but perfect.  We have basic sessions teaching simple chocolate making which you can make as gifts and special occasions.  And advanced courses on both theory and practical lessons, all on chocolate.
The alluring chocolate, once is never enough

We hope to have heated you up to cook today.  We recommend going with your spouse or friends and have a blast.  Some of us find cooking with a child the best experience.  
Kids are spontaneous, fun, and creative.  They teach us adults few key lessons we take for granted - risk-taking, jumping in faith and being creative.  The other thing is kids love to bond, not afraid to get messy, and just do not care about the shape of the cookie.  These tiny geniuses focus on enjoying the journey, not the destination!  

Julia Child once said "no one is born a great cook, one learns by doing".  So lay your guts, be ready to get some cuts/burns, don't forget to laugh, you are half a cook.  Repeat this a hundred times, you will be a GREAT cook.....and a celebrated too.  Its a tried and tested recipe!

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We made vanilla, orange and pistachio macarons

Thursday, 13 March 2014

Supercharged Saviors

You hear the current buzz word "drought" in Singapore.  At the office, shops, restaurants, schools, homes and even parties the inevitable "drought" makes its presence.  We know the dryness parch our greenland, affects our energy and tones down the day.
Do not let this get in your way.  Let the resilience within you rise and beat your day with this super charged saviors.

Here are our chosen ones that will elevate you from land, sea and air to rest, relax and recharge.

100 per cent instant adrenalin!  Suit up and get blown away in the world's largest themed indoor wind tunnel.  In the indoor skydiving simulator you will experience what is like to be weightless.  You will be professionally-coached by instructors prior to the experience.  Spanning 16.5 feet wide and 56.5 feet tall, you will hover between 12,000 ft and 3,000ft in full blasting wind.  In addition the tunnel offers unparalled sea views, Sentosa and its surround.  Did you not hear? The only way here is UP!

Rejuvenation Program - Get fit and fun
Feeling stressed and stuck in the rut?  Time for the fun-camp!  Experience this wonderful 12-hour rejuvenation retreat that will not take a toll on your time.  Let the pros take you through outdoor and indoor elements of sports, fitness, fun, nutritious meals, health talk and a one-hour massage.   The greatest asset you will ever posses is YOU, so make health your biggest investment.  It costs only half a day of your time, but trust us - you will be thankful to yourself.

Rejuvenation program - Increase physical strength 

Wake-boarding in Ponggol
There is no redeemer better than water.  Soak up in Ponggol with friends or family and beat the heat.  Wake-boarding is sure to fire up the fun and relaxes your senses.  We suggest you book a late afternoon session, wake board and enjoy the sunset.   Wind down for a glass of beer and local feast at the nearby eateries.  An out of the beaten track experience but bang for the bucks.

Golfing in Bintan - pristine greens
For escapade seekers, why not set sail to Bintan?  Its only an hour away from Singapore by ferry.  And if golf is in your pulse, the Bintan Lagoon is highly recommended.  Designed by legendary Jack Nicklaus, this 18-hole course is nothing shirt of pristine views and serenity.  For the first time, SingExperience brings you its premier friendly golf weekend challenge on April 26 & 27.  Pit your own skills against like-minded golfers or enjoy a round of fun golf with family or friends.  Off the course, enjoy many other sights and offerings like beaches, Indonesian cuisine and light shopping in the island.

Golfing in Bintan - world class course only an hour away

Speed demon - one of the race cars in Sepang 

For those who have the cash to splash, it has to be the ultimate drive of a lifetime at Sepang F1 Circuit.  Take on the wheels of a true racing car and live the moments of champions like Schmaccher, Vettal, Alonso and Hamilton.   Nothing comes close to this experience - feel the engine power, the chicanes, and the relentless speed.  Bookings are now open for next track date 11 April 2014.  Limited slots, so don't miss this.

Live the moments like legends did at Sepang F1 race circuit
We hope these supercharged experiences will get you started to plan some dates with us.  
Till we see you soon stay positive, rehydrate with water, eat well, rest aplenty and you will outlast the dry spell! 

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Thursday, 6 February 2014

新年好 Xīnnián hǎo - Welcome Glorious Wood Horse

Temple Street strung with lanterns
Did you miss?  Chinatown is illuminated with strings of lanterns and symbol of the Chinese zodiac animal - the Horse.  This year is the year of the Wood Horse and falls on 31 January.  In Chinese astrology the Horse is considered an intelligent, warm-hearted, energetic, sturdy, and witty animal.  On the flip side its also wild, social, impulsive and fast.  The Horse is the only zodiac amongst the 12 animals known to live life BIG.  With the passing of slow Water Snake of 2013, with no reservation we say cheers!  The glorious Horse comes galloping all at right time with the right spirit at the right place.

Did you know?   Just a week ago we were in a cultural adventure?  Smith Street, Pagoda Street, Temple Street, and Mosque Street, the core of Chinatown are vibrant in colors of scarlet red, gold and orange.  Throngs of local Chinese, kids packed in for their festive shopping.  While other ethnic Singaporeans and tourists were there to feel the pulse.  Every lunar new year, this is one spot in Singapore not to be missed, Chinatown!  Its replete with history, heritage and culture all in one sweet spot.

Thanks to the right place, we braved Chinatown like super heroes (only for one evening) with "gung ho" attitude, a Nikon and sneakers.  Defeated by the hustle and bustle yet emerged victorious with happiness.  Here are some captivating moments we like to share with you.

The humble mandarin orange is a power house of wealth and good luck.  Always give in pairs to your Chinese host, friends and colleagues.

We love this makeshift red store selling varieties of melon seeds and peanuts 
The adorable Happy Cat and God of Fortune dou
Inflated giant Happy Cat and the heavenly God of Wealth look so cute together.  
We could not resist we picked up a Happy Cat (for luck) battery operated statue, in gold color (more luck) and for S$8 (ultimate luck). 

A nostalgic shophouse in Pagoda Street.  Or perfect setting for Wong Kar-wai's next In the Mood for Love?
Traditional festive rice cakes for offering 

If you have not gone to Chinatown, do it soon.  Time and tide waits for no man, you have a week left to enjoy these sights.  The lunar new year is celebrated for 15 days and this year (you guessed it) it ends on, Valentine's Day 14 February.  Like a dessert after a celebrated meal.

Or join your Chinese friends and their families in the tradition of Lo Hei.  Originated from Cantonese phrase meaning 'tossing of good fortune' using Yu Sheng or raw fish salad, it symbolizes the abundance of wealth and longevity.

A final thought - people make places not vice versa.  Remember its you and the people around you that makes life an adventure.  So, do not stop at 14 February.  Celebrate whenever you can, its does not have to be that big happy occasion.  
Tweak convention and be different in 2014.  Celebrate even the smallest of things, here is where 'good fortune' lies.  It could be sharing a meal, making that call to say meaning words, work out with a friend, playing with the kids, cooking with your spouse or learning something new.  Its this good fortune that brings longevity and happiness.
For exciting ideas in Singapore you always have us here at SingExperience.

SingExperience wishes all Chinese 新年好 Xīnnián hǎo.  Gong Xi Fa Cai!  We wish you all the very best and a bountiful year of the Horse!
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Saturday, 11 January 2014

Our Top Five

Happy new year our dear readers and welcome to 2014!  

Nearly first two weeks crossing the new year, you realize how time flies.  
2013 went in a brisk and for us at SingExperience it passed as a celebrated year.  Over here we do not merely put retail experiences.   Our business is in the passion of creating.  Creating unique experiences so you enjoy a fabulous treat either for your self or with a cherished one.

In 2013, the gift experiences we created were several, but nothing surpassed seeing our clients enjoy, having fun, being happy, celebrated, or surprised.  Gift experience - we mean the experience is a gift by itself.  We simply create and let the gift manifest itself through the experiences.  

Be a rock star! Recording a song in a professional studio.

Helen Keller aptly said "life is either a daring adventure or nothing".  So we saw the rise of sea-lovers, culinary goddess, rock stars, golf enthusiasts and speed devils.  Our Facebook page reached 7,000 hits as well and counting (more than we expected).  We are thrilled - we picked you chose.  Here are our five top notch gift experiences of 2013 (at random order).
Speed devils pitting engines of Ferrari or Lamborghini.
Putting in pristine golf courses played by legends.
Chocolate making with a chocolatier.
Nothing comes close to this - chocolate making experience.  Sublime and divine.

Cruising to Lazarus, only four hours yet the best four! 
For the social, sun and sea seekers, who demanded a change in atmosphere, this was the ultimate - to succumb to the sails enjoying tipples and BBQ at Lazarus Island.

Our team never sleeps because we are constantly plugged in the vibes of Singapore.  Otherwise, our brains are in the mill thinking of the next NEW thing.  Either way you can expect more exciting experiences, adventures and blogs coming up this year.  So stay click to us!
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Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Romanced by Gaia Restaurant & Bar

Pronto! Mention Italian cuisine, one is sinfully spoilt for choices in Singapore.  Italian restaurants have long been part of our dining history.  In recent years with several making their foray in the restaurant scene, one would think its easy to pick one for a plate of pasta.

Gaia Restaurant interior repletes style, elegance and romance
We beg to differ, Gaia Restaurant & Bar because is an exception, an address in any connoisseur's A-list.  We just love the restaurant's elegant name to start with.  Gaia derived from ancient Greek word Gaea representing Mother of Nature is beautifully set in soft nature themes, plush furnishing with a romantic allure.

Let Executive chef Domenico Piras take you on a culinary journey of modern Italian cuisine infused with the finest ingredients.  Restaurant owner Stephane Colleoni brings you carefully selected wines from Italy and France to compliment your journey.  Start with a glass of prosecco (a sparkling white wine from North Eastern region of Italy) at Gaia's stylish bar.  Without a tipple, if you are already charmed by the romantic setting, we recommend you go for the three-course menu for two with wine pairings.

La straccietella
Our starter, La straccietella is a unique blend of three cheese flavored with crispy ham, tomato and caviar in extra virgin oil.  This  cheese is surprisingly light with playful blend flavors.

Merluzzo lento

For mains, choose from either a fish or pork dish.  You must try the fish, Merluzzo lento, a slow cooked cod fish in milk at 75 degree Celsius served with crunchy red cabbage.  The cod was beautifully moist and the delicious red cabbage adds just the twist you need for a delicate fish like a cod.
Your company could choose the other main course Porchetto Alla Spiedo, a stunning pork belly slow cooked in gentle fire with orange zest.  Both main courses will be hard to resist.  For the sweet ending we had the classic Tiramisu - which was a top-notch one - rich, fluffy yet sweet.

When you choose a restaurant, you expect to be hosted, respected and cherished.  At Gaia thanks to Stephane, Domenico and their attentive team, we walked in happy, but walked out indulged, nurtured and loved just as Mother Nature intended.  We see why Gaia is a best-kept secret amongst foodies.  We could not resist, we just decided to let her out.

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